Thursday, March 3, 2016

Detour: Why Quitting My Job (both of them) Advanced My Career (and my confidence)

As another depressing tax season wraps, I still find myself thankful for the career biz that this past year brought. Although requiring some of the scariest professional moments of my life, they turned out to be some of the most effective and growth promoting moments of my year.

You know the saying, "face your fears and ....... " (something good after that right?). Well it's true. The one I clung to though was this ..... "let your faith be greater than your fears." I clung to it and it came through. Because it's truth.

In February 2014 I decided to leave my job with Accenture, after 7 years tenure, to try something new. My reasoning was this: I had started my career there, and yes advanced it, yet had never ventured out. In addition I had been working from home for nearly 2 years and going a lil' stir crazy. ONLY because you then factor in that I was also going through a divorce and was single Mothering a 2 year old (meaning I was only leaving the house to do preschool drop-offs/pick-ups - prior to dinner, bath & bed 5 days a week) do I use the word crazy. It's legit. I needed and wanted a change. The new offer was welcomed, and as I prepared for the transition I wrote my letter of resignation and took a deep breath. It was unexpected. I was told that I was valued more than I realized and to reconsider. Yet, as money isn't everything.....I moved forward.

At GLG, I learned more on the work front than I had in years. Not because of company success or talent necessarily (which damn there's a lot there) yet simply because of change. Fresh ideas, perspective and practices. I learned that while I enjoyed the environment,  I did not enjoy the work. I learned that while surrounded by incredible minds - the support structure I want and thrive in, was not there. And lastly, I learned that while my career gets me fired up ...... time with "her" is most important. This comes much easier and enjoyed with a good work/life balance. I learned A LOT. All of which I wouldn't have learned if I didn't leap. And damn that leap was scary.

After a much needed (and maximized) 2 months off, I settled into a Knowledge Management position with original stomping grounds. And when I say settled - don't get the wrong idea. I spent those 2 months working a system I had put together. I woke up and first thing (over coffee) sent out 5 applications each morning. Which resulted in 4 interviews & 3 job offers later ...... one of which just blew the rest out of the water. My point here is this: I worked a system. A system that worked for me. A system that was based around intense networking and ME interviewing companies ..... not the other way around. I sold myself to the best of my ability yes - yet - I was upfront and clear about what I wanted as well. What I needed. AND what I was going to give in return.

Sometimes it works for you. Sometimes it doesn't. BUT DAMN it was time I said "F it" and went all in. Good thing I did.

** "F it" credit goes to my daughter, Cora. If there's anything that will make you do what you need to do when you need to do it, it's a child. An incredible, curious, and beautiful ~ child**

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